One Tree Hard Cider

Spokane Valley

Sausage & Cider Festival in Covington

One Tree Hard Cider attended the Sausage & Cider Festival in Covington, Washington this past weekend…and we had a blast! Our favorite part of our job is meeting our customers and hearing how much you love our cider! You’re the reason we do what we do! Lemon Basil was quite a hit in the summer heat, and we blew through our keg in record-time! Cranberry was a close-second and a great option for people who like things a little more tart!

We have some family in Seattle and they were able to come support One Tree! This really is a family business for us, and we appreciate your continued support. We have quite a few more events on the horizon, so check out our Event Calendar (link on the menu above) and come join us!

Crisp Apple Tall Boy Cans

Our first batch of Crisp Apple cans should be arriving in stores near you soon! Spokes Canning spent two days in our shop, helping us get our army of apples into cans and out the door…now it’s your job to get them into your ice chest!