Good morning everyone, Grant here! I thought I would update everyone with some exciting 2016 news and things we are working on for early 2016. First I would like to say thank you to EVERYONE who has supported us. It truly means a lot. Compliments on Untappd, emails and phone calls–we cannot say thank you enough.

So What’s New

So let’s start out saying first off, 2015 you guys were thirsty! We have tried to keep up on bottling and draft but as you have seen there have been “shortages” of One Tree in some areas. Believe me, we are trying to get cider out as fast as possible! Nathan (our bottling monkey-haha)  has been hard at work every day trying to fulfill orders at the fastest pace. We started off with around 21 or 26 kegs, and our fleet has grown to well over 1,000 kegs in circulation from Sandpoint, Idaho, to San Juan Island, Washington, and bottling has scaled to such a size that we now have enlisted help. We have just purchased a new brite tank to increase production volume. Starting Monday 1/11/2016 we will start bottling with a Meheen! A Meheen is an amazing bottling machine that not only speeds the process up, but also allows better quality control of fill levels in the bottles, and insures no to limited loss of carbonation during filling. Exciting right?

One Tree Hard Cider Bottling

                 One Tree Hard Cider 

One Tree Hard Cider Bottling

          One Tree Hard Cider label Machine







Cider House

When announced, we had every intention of opening the Cider House before the end of the year (2015). That was a little optimistic.  We play a balance game at times to make sure everything is taken care of. As mentioned above, you guys drank a TON of our cider in 2015, so we made the decision to put all our time and effort into production to make sure that the shelves are always stocked and draft is always available. The Cider House IS still coming, and we want to do it right. Our new, more realistic, goal is to open before this summer. We, of course, will share updates on our various social media platforms as progress takes place.

New Ciders

We have some fun things planned for 2016! We will see a small return of Huckleberry released sometime this month (January), and then we will start on our newest cider, Dark Cherry. This will be avaible in 22oz Bottles as well as on draft. This might also become our newest 16oz-4 pack can release!

One Tree Hard Cider's newest family member, Dark Cherry!

Newest family member, Dark Cherry!


TL:DR (To Long, Didn’t Read)

2016 will be fun, We have increased our production capabilities, new ciders are coming soon and THANK YOU!


Cheers Everyone,

Grant Barnes

One Tree Hard Cider Owner